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Advances in Rehabilitation
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vol. 34
Original paper

Work motivating and demotivating factors in the perspective of occupational therapists

Adrianna Wajda
Edyta Janus

University of Physical Education, Kraków, Poland
Advances in Rehabilitation, 2020, 34(3), 29–36
Online publish date: 2020/09/03
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Identifying factors which influence work motivation levels in Polish occupational therapists is both a challenge and a necessity. Unfortunately, this issue is not given proper consideration. Determining motivating and demotivating factors should be the fundament on the basis of which employers can design their actions aimed at raising their organizations’ human resources, and on which they can base when they strive to increase the level of services provided by occupational therapists.

Material and methods
To select the study population, we used nonprobability sampling. The study population consisted of 295 professionally active occupational therapists employed in Poland. To conduct the study, we used the diagnostic survey method and the technique of questionnaire. The study tool was a questionnaire we designed for the purpose of this study.

Work motivating factors that the respondents reported most often were: high level of satisfaction from the stability and safety of employment, being able to observe the effects of their therapeutic actions in their patients, the feeling of helping another human being, the quality of interpersonal relationships at work. The most commonly reported demotivating factor was receiving remuneration which was inadequate to the work performed. Other demotivating factors were: lack of general understanding for the role of an occupational therapist and for the potential of occupational therapy in comprehensive rehabilitation.

Our respondents reported non financial work motivating factors and appreciated them highly. According to the respondents, the factors that could increase their work motivation were: salary increase as well as promoting reliable information on occupational therapy and its potential.


motivation, professional work, occupational therapy

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