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Advances in Rehabilitation
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vol. 31

Assessment of foot function in patients with pes planus deformity treated with the authors’ own exercise programme – a preliminary report

Agnieszka Gołąb
Sebastian Nowak
Elżbieta Szczygieł

Postępy Rehabilitacji (2), 39 – 52, 2017
Online publish date: 2017/10/17
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Foot pain is highly prevalent among persons of all ages. Despite a common belief that it is necessary to perform exercises, there is a scarcity of data regarding their effectiveness. This study sought to assess the effects of a training programme on an improvement in foot function and a reduction in pain.

Material and methods
The study group consisted of 15 females with foot pain and flat foot who performed a daily set of 5 exercises for 6 weeks. The Foot Posture Index, a pedobarographic platform postural examination, functional tests (a unipedal stance test with eyes open and closed as well as a bipedal calf raise test) and the Polish translation of the Foot and Ankle Outcome Score (FAOS) were employed to assess the results. These assessment tools were used before and after the intervention.

Pedobarographic examinations showed an increase in total support surface as well as a decrease in maximum and average plantar pressures and pressures in particular areas of both feet. The FAOS revealed a reduction in pain and an improvement in the remaining aspects under examination in the majority of participants. No significant differences in the results of functional tests were noted.

The exercise programme implemented in the study produces positive outcomes in terms of changes in plantar pressure distribution and leads to a significant reduction in foot pain.


foot pain, exercises, pedobarography, functional tests, foot function improvement

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